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Alphaville was formed after lead singer Marian Gold and Bernhard Lloyd met in Berlin in 1981. The pair were heavily influenced by UK indie acts like Tubeway Army, Gary Numan and Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark.

In autumn 1984, they released their debut album,. Singles like Forever Young and Big in Japan topped the charts in Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Sweden, and the US Billboard Dance Chart as well as in several other markets.

No. 5 in the Netherlands and  No. 2 in Belgium.

“Eternally Yours actually sounds to my ears as if it were really the first Alphaville album only that it wasn’t released forty years ago. We just didn’t have an orchestra at hand back then, but only synthesizers and rhythm machines”.

Marian Gold Eternally Yours is about permanence and transience. The lyrics of the songs from four decades are for the most part written by Marian Gold herself.

A central theme for Alphaville and Marian Gold has always been dreaming We get around quite a lot, we’ve played almost everywhere, in and out of our heads. All this contributes to our music, to the idea of what Alphaville could be.

It’s like a never ending dream. Those who listen to our music hear fragments of that dream.

The all new and titular song reads like a farewell letter. In fact, except for the chorus, all the lines are taken from sonnets by Shakespeare. Marian Gold and his two arrangers Max Knoth and Christian Lohr succeed on this album in providing the musical substance of the songs with the appropriate sound content.

At the same time, the songs do not sound unusually bloated or overused on the contrary: as a listener, one wonders about the natural, warm, even familiar sounds and asks oneself why there have not been more symphonic arrangements of Alphaville songs before.


– 1 –
1. Dream Machine
2. Summer In Berlin
3. Big In Japan
4. Dance With Me
5. Summer Rain
6. Apollo
7. Elegy
8. Lassie Come Home
– 2 –
1. Moon Girl
2. Welcome To the Sun
3. A Victory of Love
4. Sounds Like a Melody
5. Around the Universe
6. Eternally Yours
7. Diamonds Are Forever
8. Flame
9. Forever Young
– 3 –
1. Big In Japan (Bass Roque Version)
2. Sounds Like a Melody (Chamber Version)
3. Forever Young (Petite Version)
4. Big In Japan (Single Edit)
5. Sounds Like a Melody (Single Edit)
6. Forever Young (Single Edit)
7. Pandora’s Lullaby
8. Elegy
9. Dream Machine

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