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Diggers Dozen

Dj Muro


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Diggers Dozen presents it’s first compilation on BBE Music with this premier release selected by Japan’s DJ Muro – King Of Diggin’ compiling twelve Nippon gems of traditional Japanese folk music recordings covered in a jazz and funk groove direction by master composers and musicians Kiyoshi Yamaya, Toshiyuki Miyama, Kifu Mitsuhashi, Tadaaki Misago and more.

These 12 stunning Japanese jazz / funk tracks are all produced in the 70’s and taken from the Nippon Columbia catalogue.

The selection for this compilation is a continuation from DJ Muro’s WA Groove Mix “Nippon Breaks” 2020.

Known as the King Of Diggin’ and rightfully so being one of the worlds deepest collectors of specialist rare old vinyl and music related collectables, DJ Muro is probably best known for releasing many mixtapes and being a pioneer in hip-hop breaks tapes of various sounds mainly funk, soul, disco all selected with rare & original pressings as well as this he is also well known for being a hip-hop producer and remixer, remixing and re-editing not only hip- hop but 70’s/80’s funk soul, jazz, disco and more.

London based Diggers Dozen first began as an event in 2012 on the significant date 12.12.12. where 12 choice DJ’s were curated by Maxwell Pastor to play 12 most loved rare records which after became a monthly event that still runs today.

Right from the very start the music direction of Diggers Dozen was to be records selected from the 60’s through to the late 80’s, and within these periods the genres of music were open to many, leaning more towards the less familiar sounds than the obvious and all selections to be strictly original pressings.

Maxwell decided this from the beginning as he felt it shaped things more interestingly and gave a stronger more unique direction.

Being that records from these periods have some age, long out of print on their primary labels and sometimes very rare, it showed a level of dedication and authenticity from the DJ’s & collectors to seek and find these off the radar originals, rather than playing current records & re-issues that were more easily obtainable.

Each DJ’s mix selection of 12 tracks are recorded live at the events and archived on the Diggers Dozen Mixcloud, where there are now over 500 mixes which have been recorded from some of the deepest record collectors worldwide.

Some ten years later the Diggers Dozen events still continue, keeping a well respected reputation and growing appeal from record collectors and it’s listeners globally.

A few years after the launch of the events, Diggers Dozen evolved into a niche brand & record label focusing on specialist merchandise, mixtapes and vinyl releases which echoed the interests and music direction of the events. So Diggers Dozen proudly presents this first very special compilation selected by DJ Muro.


– 1 –
1. Fuke Jobutsu Part 1 Tohri (Edited By Muro) – Kiyoshi Yamaya
2. Osorezan (Edited By Muro) – Kiyoshi Yamaya & Contemporary So
3. Souma Nagareyama – Kifu Mitsuhashi, Kiyoshi Yamaya
4. Tabaruzaka – Katsuya Yokoyama, the Million Pops
5. Seijinshiki Aka Adult’s Day – Toshiyuki Miyama & His New Her
6. Asadoya Yunta – Kifu Mitsuhashi, Kiyoshi Yamaya
– 2 –
1. Nanbu Ushioi Uta – Kifu Mitsuhashi, Kiyoshi Yamaya
2. Saitara Bushi – Kifu Mitsuhashi, Kiyoshi Yamaya
3. Soran Bushi – Tadaaki Misago & Tokyo Cuban Boys
4. Hanagasa Odori – Tadaaki Misago & Tokyo Cuban Boys
5. Sakura Sakura – Tadaaki Misago & Tokyo Cuban Boys
6. Yagi Bushi – Tadaaki Misago & Tokyo Cuban Boys

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