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The most popular method of online payment in the Netherlands. Pay safely and easily through your own bank.

Bancontact / Mister Cash

The most popular way to pay online in Belgium. Pay safely and easily through your own bank.


With a PayPal account, you can pay extra quickly because all you have to do is log in. The payment is then handled on PayPal’s website.


Credit Card
It is also possible to pay by credit card. We support Visa and Mastercard up to €2,000. If you would like to charge a higher amount than €2,000 by credit card, please contact us. Due to additional fees, we charge 2.7% over the purchase price as an additional charge when using a credit card.


Pay afterwards (Klarna)
With “Pay Later,” you pay for your order in arrears once you have received it and decided to keep it. That way you never pay for what you return. You enter your name, address, hometown, e-mail address and other information that you always have on hand, and you pay at your convenience during the 10-day payment period. Paying afterwards with Klarna is safe and easy. Payment details for your purchase can be found on the invoice you receive from us. Of course, you can also look up payment details anytime by logging into the Klarna App.