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For the record

We are Revin Records

Revin Records was founded by Hans Schaft and Ronald Oussoren, who both share a passion for music. The passion turned into an online record store that focuses on colored vinyl, as well as cassette tapes, CDs and promotion and imports (from countries such as Japan and South America). Revin Records started as an online shop, but the end goal is to open a store for exclusive and rare records.

Hans Schaft is co-founder of, a Madonna information site that has been online since 2006 and collaborates with Madonna’s record label and management. Over the years, has organized several official Dutch release parties and promo events for Madonna.

Hans also owns a large collection of vinyl records, including more than 1,000 Madonna CDs, vinyl, cassette tapes and other items. In addition to this, he has a large collection of music from artists ranging from Abba to Zappa.

Hans and Ronald are regular visitors to the mega record and CD fair, first in Utrecht and now in Den Bosch, where they search for collector’s items. Ronald has an impressive background in logistics and knows how to run a business and approach new customers.

Revin Records will distinguish itself from other record stores by searching with heart and soul for collector’s items. From one fan to another, we know how to satisfy the hunger of vinyl collectors. If you need something, Revin Records might already have it, if not will do their best to find it.